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Wisconsin Al-Anon Meetings in; Beloit, Fort Atkinson, and Janesville

Friends and families of alcoholics find understanding and support at Al-Anon meetings!

  1. What are the Janesville Area & Greater Rock County Al-Anon Groups?
    • Janesville Area & Greater Rock County Al-Anon Family Groups, which includes Alateen, are support groups of friends and family of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems. We believe alcoholism is a family illness and that changed attitudes can aid recovery. In Al-Anon, you can find happiness whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not.
  2. Did you grow up with/or are you currently bothered by someone else’s drinking?
    • If you are bothered by someone else’s drinking (or drug use) then Al-Anon is for you. Al-Anon is a support group for friends and family (ages 18-101) of people who drink (or used to drink) excessively. You will find support and understanding and you can remain anonymous. The people in the room will respect the confidentiality of what you say.
  3. How does the Janesville Area & Greater Rock County Al-Anon program work?
    • Al-Anon can help you cope with the challenges of someone else’s drinking. Al-Anon can help you to find a healthier way to respond to these challenges. It offers the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar problems. Some research shows problems drinkers may have a better chance to improve themselves, when they are supported by friends and family members who are in a recovery program such as Al-Anon.
  4. What happens at south central Wisconsin Al-Anon meetings?
    • Meetings usually begin with a reading and announcements. The person who volunteers to lead the meeting that day will have a topic for discussion. Each person has 2-3 minutes to share their experience (what worked, what didn’t work, how they felt, etc.). You can share too or choose to “pass” (listen & learn). Everyone at the meeting has experienced a problem with someone else’s drinking. No one will ever tell you that you are doing it wrong; in Al-Anon you determine what solutions will work best for you.
  5. Are you scared to come to a south central Wisconsin Al-Anon meeting?
    • If you feel anxiety about attending an Al-Anon meeting, you’re not alone. Many people have felt that way. But overcoming that reluctance is an opportunity for personal growth. Don’t worry about whether or not you want to become a “member.” Just visit a variety of different meetings to gather information–to hear how the people there handle their issues with problem drinkers. It may be that some of their experiences will be helpful to you. You’re welcome to attend as frequently or infrequently as you choose. There is never any obligation. The program is what you make it. Keep coming back and it will work for you.
  6. Do I need an appointment?
  7. How much does a Janesville Area & Greater Rock County Al-Anon meeting cost?
    • There are no dues or membership fees. Al-Anon is supported by voluntary contributions. These donations cover things like rent and literature, for example–and each group is self-supporting. Find a Meeting
  8. Is this a religious program?
    • No. Al-Anon is not a religious program. Even when the meeting is held in a religious center, the local Al-Anon group pays rent to that center and is not affiliated in any way with any religious group. Your religious beliefs–or lack of them–are not a subject for discussion at Al-Anon meetings, which focus solely on coping with the effects of someone’s drinking. It is spiritually-based upon principles applicable to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and applicable to people regardless of their religious beliefs–or lack of religious beliefs.

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